Disability Ministry

About the Ministry

Joni and FriendsLove INC

ESA is involved in a joint effort with Joni and Friends in Central California to mobilize churches to serve those afflicted by disabilities. Rick Eastin is ESA’s Disability Ministry Specialist and is assigned to Joni and Friends to serve as a Ministry Associate. Read Rick's Blog here.

Mission Statement

This ministry is designed to provide the church in the Fresno area with a vision for comprehensive ministry to and with persons with disabilities. The program will help the church reach out to them in a practical manner.


  • To help Christians understand that God has a temporal and an eternal plan for all persons.
  • To help Christians in the secular community who are working with disabled persons to integrate their faith into the workplace. 
  • To help the church reach out with the Gospel of Christ to the professional community that works with disabled persons.


  • Discover and assist churches that are currently working with those with disabilities in their congregations.
  • Introducing the vision to pastors and other Christian leaders.
  • Networking with other agencies, both Christian and secular, to help churches meet needs in practical ways.
  • Identifying areas of need among the disabled that are currently not being met and helping to develop ministries that meet those needs.