History of ESA Love INC

History: The Fruit of 30 years                                                               

In 1982, after 12 years of ministry with Fresno Youth for Christ, God called me to a different vision of ministry. I began to dream of tens of thousands of Christians in the Fresno area reaching out to people in need. During my years of ministry I have had the opportunity to love and serve elderly people in tenement hotels, and rest homes, to visit prisoners in state prison, to help a quadriplegic with Multiple Sclerosis start a ministry for the disabled and to take elderly people on bus trips who would not otherwise be able to go anywhere. These ministry opportunities have lasted in duration from 7 to 28 years and I am still involved with some of them. I have seen firsthand how God’s love, flowing through His people, can change lives. I know it’s changed mine. The only group that has everything it needs to change a city is the church, but it must be mobilized to serve.

The ministry of ESA was begun to mobilize Christian churches to serve the poor. In the early 1980’s, most churches were not directly involved in helping the poor. At best, they were paying para-church ministries to do this work. Back then, it was an exception to see a church directly involved with the poor. Thanks to God, things have changed. Now it’s normal and expected for churches to be involved with people in need. Evangelical churches are now by far the most involved churches in our community in combining evangelism and social action. After all these years I am more passionate than ever about churches and Christians reaching out to people in need like Jesus did.  We are His followers and must follow Him in service to others.

During the past 30 years, God has given ESA the privilege of developing or helping to develop many areas of ministry, including:

  • Refugee Friendship Program
  • New Creation Ministries
  • Love INC
  • Community Marriage Policy
  • Project Home Again
  • Christian Health Network
  • City-Wide Prayer Gatherings
  • Pastors’ Prayer Meetings
  • Pastors’ Prayer Summits
  • Care Fresno Partnership
  • Lighthouses of Prayer

We have also helped to develop many other ministries in churches and in our community that are busy serving the Lord and meeting needs. What a privilege to be used by God!

God has given us vision to transform our community. This visioin contains 12 principles to transform the church to transform our city and valley. See Loving God and Others.