Loving Our Neighbors


                                                                                         Love your neighbor as yourself.  Mark 12:31

CareThe best way to attract people to Jesus is to be like Him – showing love and concern. As you consider your neighbor’s needs, ask God to show you ways to reach out to them through warm-hearted, genuine acts of kindness. You can build personal relationships through simple things.

These types of activities offer a great opportunity to reclaim a sense of community within our neighborhoods, something people yearn for that has disappeared in many areas due to our fast-paced, impersonal society.

Ideas for Caring

  • Introduce yourself – if you have a neighbor you have never met, it’s time to introduce yourself! Ask them about themselves.
  • Look for needs – Someone’s garbage has blown away. Retrieve it. Is a family sick or shut in? Offer to run an errand, provide a meal, or bring in their newspaper.
  • Other Ideas – Meet new neighbors with a plate of cookies, a warm welcome and a 3X5 card with your name, address, and phone number. Suggest they call you with any questions about the neighborhood, to borrow tools, etc.
  • Take dinner to new parents. Use disposable containers so the clean up is quick and easy.
  • Plan a neighborhood baby shower for a new baby. Invite several neighbors to assist you.
  • When you’re baking, consider preparing a few extra cupcakes, cookies, pies, etc. Save them to give to a neighbor the Lord may lay on your heart.
  • Call on housebound neighbors. They might enjoy a personal visit.
  • A friendly wave and “hello” to someone who drives or walks by helps them see Jesus’ warmth and love in you.
  • Do you live in a neighborhood with an association? Consider regularly attending the meetings and being involved in what you can.  This gives you an opportunity to meet your neighbors in a very informal setting.
  • Change your walking or exercising schedule, if needed, to walk with a neighbor. As you’re walking, listen to them. It’s probably one of the greatest ways to serve a neighbor or friend. You may want to ask if you could pray for them.
  • Begin a Neighborhood Bible Study. As an introduction, invite the neighbors who are most interested for dinner.
  • Be the coordinator for a neighborhood gathering in connection with crime prevention and fire safety.
  • Mow the lawn or rake the yard of a neighbor who is traveling or is ill. Get your children involved in serving others.
  • One final thought….ASK GOD TO SHOW YOU WHAT TO DO!