Loving Our Neighbors


The Mission America Coalition (MAC) is an unprecedented coalition of Christian leaders who have prayerfully come together to mobilize the Church for praying, caring and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in deed and word. The Mission America Coalition grew out of the Lausanne Committee for World Evangelization (1974, 1989) and in1995 moved from a committee to a coalition. Billy Graham, John Perkins and the late Bill Bright were co-chairmen with Dr. Paul A. Cedar as Chairman/CEO.

Since its inception, leaders from 81 denominations, over 400 ministries, dozens of ministry networks and scores of cities and communities have been involved in the coalition. MAC calls for active participation in The Great Commission of Jesus Christ to "Therefore go and make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 28:19) and our Lord's Great Commandment to "Love the Lord your God . . . and love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:37, 39).

Our Mission Statement is: "The Whole Church taking the Whole Gospel to the Whole Nation - and to the World!"
Since 1995, the Mission America Coalition partners have been involved in many collaborative prayer, evangelism and revival efforts including Celebrate Jesus 2000, The Lighthouse Movement, The Urgent Appeal, 911 Remembrance, Honor Our Heroes, Turn on the Light America, Shaping Eternity and others. In 2004, the Coalition launched Loving Our Communities to Christ to help call the church together to construct customized, locally initiated and owned strategies, goals and action plans to reach communities with the love and grace of Jesus Christ. LC2C necessitates the involvement of the entire coalition, so that all of our collaborative ministries are involved. (churches & denominations, city & community ministries, global ministries and ministry & ministry networks).

Text Box:  Loving Our Communities to Christ

"LC2C" cities agree on a framework for mobilizing the Church in their region under the mandate of "Calling God's People Together to Love Our Communities to Christ" (LC2C). Rather than a pre-determined program, the LC2C framework allows the leadership of each city to seek and experience together authentic unity that empowers their collaboration to become an instrument of God's transformation in their communities.
LC2C began with nine Pilot Cities (Cedar Rapids, IA; Charleston, WV; Charlotte, NC; Coachella Valley, CA; Corvallis, OR; El Paso Region, TX; Fox Valley, IL; Santa Rosa, CA; Tuscaloosa, AL) and is currently expanding to a next wave of new cities who share the same vision and passion for transformed-by-Christ communities.

LC2C seeks to be catalytic toward a culture change in congregations led by pastors and marketplace leaders who cast a vision for and model a prayer-care-share lifestyle...

  • Catalytic:  not programmatic
  • Culture Change: not event oriented.
  • Prayer - Care - Share: leaders modeling a lifestyle of praying for, caring about, and sharing the Gospel with lost people...  

Which we believe will result in myriads of Christians, individually and corporately, loving neighbors and neighborhoods toward a saving and satisfying relationship with Christ.

The LC2C framework invites a partnership between the national team and regional leadership based upon the prayer - care - share components, a mutually agreed upon set of measurable outcomes, and an evaluation process.

Ultimately, LC2C is a dialogue with the Father, seeking His heart for the lost and the poor; with the Savior, for His passion and His plan; with the Spirit, for His equipping and empowering. Fresno/Clovis are now an LC2C community.