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ESA/Love INC needs church volunteers willing to serve at least 3 hours each week.  Shifts are 9:00 a.m. to noon or 1:00 to 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday or as needed.  Training and supervision are provided. 
The following positions are available:
Serves one shift per week Mon - Fri (9-noon or 1-4 pm)  
  • Welcome visitors, answer phones and perform light office work in a friendly Christian environment. Assist administrative staff with office duties and operation of office equipment. *Coffee and chocolate provided*

Serves one shift per week Mon - Fri (9-noon or 1-4 pm) in the Love INC office.
  • People with needs call Love INC and the telephone volunteer will listen to them and fill in a questionnaire about their situation. When the client is finished, the volunteer verifies the information and then looks for a local Christian church or ministry to help meet the need.

Serves on an as needed basis.
  • Contact Persons are the vital link between needs referred by Love INC and the appropriate church volunteer.  Responsibilities include having the contact person, or your pastor, make a 3-minute presentation to your congregation to recruit volunteers.  You are then able to receive referrals from the Love INC Clearinghouse.  You will be completely trained during a one-time, two-hour Contact Person Training.  All your questions will be answered at this time.  On the average, a Contact Person will serve less than 1 hour per week.


We recently interviewed some of our volunteers. Here are their stories explaining why they volunteer at ESA/Love INC:
SylviaSylvia Esquivel is our Spanish interpreter. She also volunteers at her church - Family Community Church and with LIGA - a medical missions’ organization.  She volunteers because, "I love to give. The Lord has blessed me and my family tremendously. I feel that I have to give back. There is so much need out there.  A while back I got burned out and tried to quit volunteering but I couldn't do it. That's when I learned to help one person at a time."  

Shena Martin, from Clovis Evangelical Free Church, was a phone volunteer on Wednesdays.  She wrote:  Working with other Christians toward a common goal is a wonderful blessing. Often it's a humbling experience as I learn how others have been instrumental in helping people in ways I hadn't even considered.  I'm learning (at Love INC) and hopefully I am a vessel through whom God is helping those in need.  I consider it a great gift to have someone share their 'world' with me.   

DeloresDelores Bonander, from The Bridge Church, volunteered on Wednesdays in the ESA business office. She wrote: I looked forward to coming to ESA/Love INC each Wednesday for over 18 years. First, because everyone there is dedicated to serving the Lord by helping others. The many projects and programs have reached out in Fresno to help so many needy people. This help is always given in the name of Christ. Second, the staff and other volunteers have become treasured friends.”


Love Inc. Stories: We received an email from Hollie needing help. She requested food and clothing assistance. Hollie's husband left her and she was having trouble paying her mortgage and making ends meet. We were able to refer her to Family Community Church for a food voucher. Love INC referred her to Neighborhood Thrift Store for clothing. While talking to her we found out that she is a teacher and she has been unable to work because she had no money for the renewal of her teaching credential. Love INC used the Crisis Fund to pay for her renewal and Hollie was able to go back to work! We thank all our churches for continuing support of the Love INC Crisis Fund!

Carmen called us needing a pair of shoes for her grandson. Her daughter has drug addiction issues so Carmen and her husband are taking care of three grandchildren. Money is very tight. Her grandson has been unable to go to school because his shoes have fallen apart. Saints Community Church stepped in. They met the client at the shoe store and was able to get the grandson a new pair of shoes! It is truly wonderful to partner with all our churches to help those less fortunate.

Kathleen called us asking for warm clothes for her three children. "I am a single mother of 3. My husband died last year. My youngest child has autism and my daughter has learning disablilities. Life is very hard for us right now. My son was just diagnosed at the age of 7 (late 2015). My rent went up the month of December. I have depression and anxiety. My mom was diagnosed with aggressive lymphoma. Life is just really messing with us right now and I just wanna run away but I'm trying to hang in there. The cold weather came very quick and my children have no long sleeve shirts or warm pants. Christmas is very hard for us with the loss of my husband. If there's any way you can help, please let me know. A friend of mine told me to contact you. Thank you for your time."

Love INC was able to help her through Toys for Tots, Catholic Charities, a clothing voucher for the Neighborhood Thrift Store, a Thanksgiving basket, and food from Fresno First Baptist Church. After she received help, she let us know how greatful she was: "...I just wanted to let you know how thankful me and my kids are for the thrift store voucher. I was able to get my daughter long sleeves and sweaters and a pair of boots and I found a few things for my sons. I'm going back again with the remainder of the voucher to get him more. My happy guy says 'Thank you.' You made a difference in your lives. Thank you for your kindness."

If you know someone who is looking for a way to give back to the community, ESA/Love INC is always looking for a few good men or women to serve. The possibilities are endless. We need those that will serve as a liaison between their church and Love INC, helping us to mobilize others to serve when people need a ride to the doctor or a simple repair in their home. We need specialized computer skills for projects like graphic design, website development, and creating data bases. We need receptionists, data entry, and those that enjoy talking to people who need help. Contact us by email.