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  • We will help you by verifying a need is legitimate!

When a person calls or comes in to your church with a need (and they are not part of your congregation), tell the person to call the LOVE INC Clearinghouse at:
We are open 9:00 a.m.-Noon and 1:00-4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday.   You can tell those you are referring that your church works with LOVE INC.

Do NOT tell the client to come to our office.
We are set up to do telephone interviewing ONLY!!

  • If your church refers a client to us, and you would like to be contacted about it, let us know.  We will screen the need and either share with your church how best to meet the need, or we will meet the need through the Love INC Church Services Network.

If the client has been going from church to church and is chronically dependent, sometimes the best answer is "no help" unless they meet certain conditions or to give specific referrals to self-help.  We have an extensive data base that we update weekly to track clients that have called Love INC and other partner churches looking for assistance. 

  • Many churches call us to simply check if we have helped a client that is seeking help from their church.

Check your client’s identification and get their name.  Call our business office at 244-0105 and ask to speak to a Clearinghouse Volunteer.  They will check our database to see if we know the client.  If we do, we can help you with feedback on how to proceed with assistance.  Based on that information, you could either meet the need or have the client CALL LOVE INC at 224-9599 for more complete screening. (When a person is chronically dependent sometimes it does more harm to just give a bag of food when what they may need is food and budget assistance to help solve their problem and not just the symptom.)

  • NOTE:   People who attend your church will always be referred back to you for assistance.

If you have a church member with needs beyond your ability to meet, you could call our office and we could work together with other churches to help meet the need. Call our business office at 244-0105.

  • Referrals when Love INC is closed:
    • You can ask if the person in need can wait for assistance until the LOVE INC Clearinghouse is open. If so, have them call 224-9599 Monday through Friday 9:00a.m.-Noon and 1:00-4:00 p.m.
    • You could meet their immediate need until our Clearinghouse opens and then have them call us for further screening and assistance.
    • You could have them call 2-1-1, a 24 hour referral service in Fresno County, sponsored by United Way.


    • Provide volunteers to serve with us in the Clearinghouse or our business office
    • Organize your congregation to serve in the community (Contact person -4 steps)
    • Refer people in need to the Love INC Clearinghouse (referral procedures)
    • Provide resources for specific needs of Love INC clients, such as:
      • Food Pantry
      • Clothing Closet
      • Moving Ministry
      • Furniture Ministry
      • Gas vouchers
      • Diapers
      • Or some other creative way to serve those in need.

    We ask you to organize and provide caring church volunteers that will respond to requests for help through the Clearinghouse i.e. yard clean-up, food delivery, basic repairs, etc.  You can do this by launching a Love Net in your church. 

    Here’s how:

    Step 1 A pastor identifies a person to serve as the Love INC Contact Person for the church.  Many churches name the church secretary. This person must be available by phone during weekdays and enjoy connecting others to ministry.  This is not a time consuming job; it will probably take less than 1 hour a week.
    Step 2 The Love INC Contact Person attends a 2 hour training session at the Love INC office.  Training is detailed with very clear instructions on what to do.
    Step 3 The pastor sets aside 5 minutes during a Sunday service to present Love INC.  A script is provided that takes less than 5 minutes to read.  Either the pastor or the Contact Person can do the short presentation.  During the service, each person in the congregation is asked to fill out a Love Net, showing what types of needs they are willing and able to meet – i.e. ride to a doctor, appliance repair, carpentry, help with a budget, etc.
    Step 4 The number of volunteers in each category of services is tallied and sent to the Love INC office.  When a need arises for which you have a volunteer, Love INC will request your contact person to ask that volunteer to visit the person in need and to help in Jesus’ name.  Calls will be rotated among participating churches.


  • The local Church Love INC works for the Church by:
    • Helping congregations organize to serve people in need.
    • Giving congregations specific, manageable opportunities to serve.
  • People in need.  Love INC mobilizes and connects people in need to helping resources.
  • Community agencies.  Working cooperatively with agencies, Love INC mobilizes church resources to supplement agency efforts.


  1. Helps the church to “own” its ministry to those in need, since LOVE INC is a clearinghouse to assist churches to reach out to those in need.

  2. Helps generate untapped volunteer resources that already exist in the local churches to meet needs both within and outside the church.

  3. Screens needs for churches as to nature, extent and legitimacy.  This determines what the real need actually is.

  4. Prevents church duplication of existing services already available in the community.

  5. Discovers if those requesting assistance are going from church to church and making the rounds.  LOVE INC puts an end to this by only meeting legitimate needs and discovering instances of fraudulent requests.

  6. Provides long-term self-help solutions for those who are chronically dependent or have multiple needs.

  7. Enables churches to prevent unbiblical extremes of either refusing to assist those outside their own congregation or wasting God’s resources by assisting before real need is determined.

  8. Prevents churches from building dependency in those they assist by discovering and solving problems at the root level.

  9. Provides opportunities for churches to reach out with God’s love to people in need.

  10. Due to an increased use of volunteers, meeting only legitimate needs and rotating assistance among several churches, LOVE INC is very cost-effective.

  11. Offers a unified witness of God’s love to the community as Christian churches work together in the name of Christ.

  12. LOVE INC is a very transferable model and can easily be transplanted in new communities.  It has a proven track record in cities of all sizes, both urban and rural.