Disability Ministry

Respite Care

How one church blessed the families of those with disabilities:

Volunteer Response:

“Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to be involved with your organization. I enjoyed the evening, and went home beaming! It was a great night, and was so exciting to have it so highly attended by both volunteers and children. Everyone worked well together, you should be proud of putting together such a wonderful event. Thanks again for your wonderful example of love and service. I am looking forward to the next event.”

Family Response:

Rebecca and her husband have three amazing sons that all showed up for Rest Assured Respite Care. They live an hour out-of-town but drove to Fresno to participate one Friday night. After leaving their children with warm and loving volunteers they were handed an envelope from one of the Joni and Friends volunteers and wished a good evening. While they were in the car Rebecca opened the envelope; it was a gift certificate for dinner at a restaurant in Fresno. They could not believe the generosity and service that they had already experienced within their first few minutes of the event. The idea that God was using people to bless their family made Rebecca cry.

A Grateful Mother:

“My husband and I want to thank Joni and Friends and all the wonderful volunteers for the respite night last Friday. This meant so much to us both and we feel so blessed by this. Thanks a million! I just can't believe your hearts!”

Joni and Friends:

It is always exciting when someone throws out a great idea and it actually happens. It is even more exciting when you look back at that idea and are amazed at the success. That is exactly what happened with Rest Assured. We have never done respite care here at Joni and Friends, and I personally have never planned anything relating to people with disabilities. Talk about new territory…

I believe that when God calls people to do something He is also responsible for making it happen, and God provided in unexpected ways. Over 60 volunteers were used to bless 13 families, no children were lost, and the parents came back smiling and refreshed!

Respite Care is more that just a night of babysitting. It is one way that a church or organization can show that they care about families affected by disabilities. It is a demonstration of the love of Christ that tells families that they are loved, cared for, and supported.