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ESA / Love INC

We’ve been helping churches help people for more than 37 years! We mobilize and connect Christian churches and individuals in the Fresno, Clovis, and Easton area.


Following the Lord to Change Lives & Communities.

Written by Alan Doswald 

Our Mission & Vision

We mobilize Christian churches and individuals to transform lives and communities, in the name of Christ.

We hope to see Christian churches in Fresno/Clovis/Easton united in purpose and committed to living out their faith as members of the Body of Christ, by lovingly serving their neighbors in need.

ESA/Love INC is a ministry hub—We help facilitate cooperation between local churches and ministries, agencies, and schools, to connect them to needy people in our community.

new ministry outreach

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Engaging the Church 

Awhile back, ESA  was asked an interesting question:
“If the church is the largest group in our city, why do we have so many problems?”
The short answer:
We have too many social clubs in our city, and not enough rescue stations.

The solution:
Get involved in serving the needy in your community! Let’s be doers of the Word, not just
hearers of the Word! (James 1:22)

A Message from the Director