Need Help? Call the Love INC Help Line (Mon-Fri 9am-4pm) Text us at +1 (833) 926-0395 or call at (559) 224-9599

ESA/Love INC helps local churches serve their community and neighbors in need.

Our model of operations makes it possible to identify, validate, and connect people with genuine needs to organizations best suited to help.

Churches and agencies can refer people from the community seeking financial or other support and assistance to Love INC’s Telephone-Only Help Line at (559) 224-9599.

We screen the calls and match people / provide referrals to the best-equipped organizations in our area to help.

We serve clients by telephone only. Please give potential clients our local Help Line phone number (559) 224-9599.

Support for Pastors

We are here to support Pastors and help further the ministry of the local church.

Ministries of ESA Love INC

We connect leaders of local ministries for the greater good of our community.

We are here to support Fresno area Pastors further the ministry of the local church

New Pastor Orientation

Welcome to Fresno, meet your new neighbors…

The ESA Love INC team invites all new Christian pastors in the Fresno area to an orientation meeting, including a question and answer session. In the meeting, you can expect a briefing on:

  • An introduction to the unique communities, regions, and neighborhoods within our city (Fresno/Clovis) and it’s surrounding area.
  • A recent church history of our community
  • Christian Ministries and movements in the area
  • Major Christian events
  • Opportunities for fellowship among pastors
  • How ESA/Love INC can help your church serve our community.

Fresno Prayer Summit

Scripture-fed, Spirit-led, Worship-based prayer.

Pastor-led, local church-oriented movements of Christ-exalting worship-based prayer. For more information about where and when, contact Paul Haroutunian at (559) 244-0105.

Fresno Pastor's Prayer Group

Praying together every week since 1992

A group of pastors meets together for prayer every Tuesday, 8-9am. For more details and meeting location contact Pastor Eli Loera at (559) 288-6279.