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The Board of Directors of ESA/Love INC is pleased to announce a new tool to help us reach our communities for Jesus.


Following the Lord to Change Lives & Communities.

Written by Alan Doswald

This is a story of God’s faithfulness…

PRAY and DO the NEXT THING weaves together the story of Alan Doswald’s life; his 47 years of full-time Christian ministry, including 37 years as the Founder and Executive Director of Evangelicals for Social Action and Love INC, in Fresno, California, and the history and development of the ESA/Love INC ministry.

This book shares many of the Biblical principles Alan has learned over the years. One of those is, “pray and do the next thing”. As we seek God in prayer, He is able to lead us, step-by-step, as we follow Him.

This book will encourage you to pray, step out in faith, and follow the Lord in the ways He is leading you. When you do, God will be glorified and He will use your life in ways you never imagined!

Also available for purchase at Majesty Bible & Gifts in Fresno: 7020 N. Cedar Ave, Fresno, CA 93720

“This is a beautiful and wonderful story. You will be challenged deeply as you read it and reflect on it.”

– From the Foreword by Paul Cedar, Chairman of Mission America Coalition

Reader Reviews

Featured excerpts from PRAY and DO the NEXT THING

Excerpt p. 96

As we pray and worship together, the walls between pastors of large churches and small churches, as well as racial and denominational barriers, are broken down. We are brothers and sisters in Christ. We love and care for each other.

Excerpt p. 143

What if Christians were actively loving their neighbors where they live, work and attend school… What if we were hearing testimonies in our churches of changed lives and we were praying together, asking God to lead us as we love our neighbors?

Excerpt p. 111

Go out and love others. It’s not just about you and me, it is also about Him and them. Where do you start? You can pray and do the next thing God shows you to do… Remember, the shortest route to the mission field is right out your front door.

Excerpt p. 31

I discovered that the relentless, unconditional love of God, shown through His people is a very powerful force. It can break down the most resistant walls between people. I saw it happen again and again. God used the experiences I had at Edison High School to continue to develop my heart for people in need.

Excerpt p. 44

Notice Jesus said, “You are” salt and light. It is not a command or a suggestion. He assumes His followers will follow Him, that they will be different and make a difference… Perhaps we need to check up on ourselves and see if we look more like the World, or more like the Lord.

Excerpt p. 49

How can the church more closely follow Christ? One way is to realize that the key to health is both food and exercise. People go to church to be fed, but then we need to go out and exercise our faith. Without exercise, we become spiritually fat Christians. Just believing the right stuff without obedience is not what Jesus had in mind.